July 14, 2004

Finally got mail working again

July 14, 2004 - Categories: -Uncategorized

Used a sneaky little workaround in my Postfix. Shhh, don’t tell Destiny. ;)

Class reflections

July 14, 2004 - Categories: -Uncategorized

– CS21A: Dr. Sarmenta did the worm thingy for control. I need to find

a better way to explain that, as it seemed to have gone over most
people’s heads. My class had fun with the while loop exercises, though.

– CS110: More deque implementation. People are doing surprisingly

well, even those who weren’t really paying attention in class.

– CS139.3: I think I just got up there and babbled. Must fix.

Talked to DocV about my plans

July 14, 2004 - Categories: -Uncategorized

Told him about my GRE scores, and he was very encouraging. Also told
him about my interest in personal information management. He’s glad I
managed to stick to something. Yes, having a user/developer community
does wonders for my focus. =) He said not to worry too much about my
grades. I hope I get into the grad schools I want to attend!

Concerns about graduate school

July 14, 2004 - Categories: -Uncategorized

The school I would really like to go to has the following note about Philippine schools:

 Master's Minimum Admission Requirements:

    * Four year Bachelor's Degree Equivalent: All Disciplines - Completion of both Bachelor`s and Master`s degrees with first class standing

    * Mid-B Equivalent: 1.5 (reversed scale)

I think I will need to take the GRE CS test to help reassure them (and
me!) of where I am in terms of education. I hope that and strong
letters of recommendation will be enough. I’m not sure.