July 27, 2004

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What do I really want to focus on for graduate studies?

I think there's some promise in this planner.el thing. I'm intrigued by the fact that we can make personal information managers truly personal. Instead of adapting to the software's structures, we tend to adapt planner.el to our idiosyncrasies. How do people's usage patterns evolve? I know mine has changed several times. Could the patterns discovered by advanced users who tweak the framework be embedded into popular PIM clients and tested on novice users? For example, how would normal people react to automatic hyperlinking? What about the use of a PIM for collaborative information management, like the way people are using planner.el to manage teams when it was originally designed for personal use? Interesting stuff...

Migration guide for Microsoft Windows to Linux



William Villanueva said:

The German Government, specifically the "Bundesministerium des Inneren" (Ministry of Interior Affairs) has published a 444 page Migration-Guide that covers about every aspect you need to know when migrating from Windows to Linux.

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