October 10, 2004

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Emacs wiki stuff in a language I do not understand at _all_

Could someone please translate this? It might be… ummm… the fact
that we can’t get emacs-wiki through cvs or subversion…


Procrastination counter?

If you keep track of the start dates, we could have procrastination
counters for more fun and profit. If we have deadlines, we could have
deadline countdowns. More metadata in task descriptions, though…


First time personal Japanese blog post!

Check out the post labeled “emacs-wiki mode” on the linked site.
<giggle> If you can’t read Japanese, run it through a translator


すごい! I’m so flattered!



I had a lot of fun on my Kamakura trip thanks to the wonderful
volunteer guides. One of them even spoke Filipino. I didn’t want to
miss an opportunity to practice my Japanese, though, and I was happy
to find myself conversing with them easily. Yay!

The temples we visited were very beautiful, and thanks to the
backstory they shared and the extra information I downloaded to my
iPAQ the night before, I was able to really appreciate the places we
visited. =) The guides were amazed by the amount of information on my
PDA. They laughed when I mentioned things they’d forgotten, and seemed
flattered that I’d prepared so much. It was a good idea! =)

Pictures up at http://www.kathychua.kom.ph/sacha . Lots of pictures
this time! I filled my whole memory card. I didn’t upload all the
pictures taken, but the sheer quantity I had to choose from probably
increased the chances of my having at least one good shot, right?

I bought a bright red parasol. Although it’s made of paper, it keeps
out light drizzles pretty well. Yes, I know, I already have an
umbrella, but a _bright_ _red_ Japanese umbrella will probably look
nice in pictures. My traffic-yellow jacket looks a bit out of place
with it, though. If I find a nice black trenchcoat in the second-hand
stores a friend told me about… <impish grin>