October 23, 2004

Bulk view

Debian BOF

Slideshow of people from the Debian project.


~40 Japanese DDs

– Philosophy and procedure
– Tasks and skills

公開鍵 – public key

OO.o demonstration


Community Manager Louis Suarez-Potts


Misc toolbar moved to the bottom. Toolbars now draggable and dockable,
like MS Office. Tweaks to the toolbar so that it’s more like Microsoft
Office. Toolbar icons changed to mimic MS Office even more. Drop-down
autohide stuff. Format paintbrush, etc. Come to think of it, it’s
almost indistinguishable now… Task layout similar to new Office,
slide view on the left. Database.

Ah, I see, the table-line-drawing code is in a fork, and it will be
merged in a short while.

Problems supporting Japanese input under Linux because there are som
any input methods. They have to work with many platforms…