November 7, 2004

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Open source

I think one of the most amazing things about open source is the way it
allows people to make a difference no matter how old they are.
The Mozilla Firefox lead architect is a 19-year-old. Even younger people contribute to the community.

It’s funny how, when people take you seriously, you become even more
serious. =)

Perhaps we should look into promoting Linux at the high school level…

Yaaay! Skype works!

A very big thank you to arete of irc:// for his
patience in helping me test the system.

My Skype ID is sachachua. =)

My ref-filter script


my $s;
while ($s = <>)
    if ($s =~ /.+?\"GET ([^ ]+) .+?".+?"([^"]+)/)
        my $REF = $2;
        my $PAGE = $1;
        if ($REF ne "-"
            && $REF !~ /
            && $REF !~ /
           && $REF !~ '\+') {
          print "$REF\n";


cat log | perl | sort | uniq > reff

For greater fun and profit, diff against previous records.