November 12, 2004

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Waaaah! Happy happy joy joy! ICPC achievement!

Dominique called me as soon as the ICPC results were released. We’re
second only to the University of Tokyo! What an amazing achievement!
I’m so proud of the students, so proud of the teachers and the school.
And we’ll do even better in the future! I am amazed by the work
everyone has put into preparing for this contest and what everyone has

My heart feels so full, it could burst. How I wish I could have been
there! This is what makes me believe in the wonderfulness of computer
science, in the potential of our students!

Truly, this is amazing. Celebrate it! Please get in touch with Ateneo
de Manila University (+6324266071) for more details.


Want to help out with open source? Not quite sure if your coding
skills are up to it? There are other ways to help out! For example,
Eric Pareja’s interested in translating the Debian installer into
Tagalog. HOWTOs and guides in other dialects can also be very helpful.
What can you do to help your favorite software project or Linux