November 18, 2004

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Google Scholar – Google for academic papers

I love Google.

From Rommel Feria: LPI Certification Exam

We will be having the first paper-based LPI Level 1 Certification
Exams this December. There will be 30 slots available. The total cost
of the exams (Exam 101 and 102) will be less than or equal to half the
online Prometric version (US$200). If you are interested, please do
inform me (send email directly) so that I’d know if we are to push
through with it this December or move it to January instead.

Am announcing it here to give priority to those from PLUG before it
gets advertised anywhere else.

The exams will be held in UP Diliman — on a Saturday (tentatively on
Dec. 18) — 9-11AM and 1.30-3.30PM.

rpf0013 AT

Argh, another exam I would really, really like to take…


More about English: BBC mp3s

Chris Lowis sent this tip:

Maybe radio 4 would interest you :

They have on-line broadcasts, and of all the BBC radio stations they
have the most “oxford english” use !

The world service is also good, you should be able to get it on
shortwave in Japan, or via the internet:

Interesting. Wish their other programs had MP3 downloads, too!


Rained in

Don’t have an umbrella with me, so I’ll stay at the office for another
half-hour or so doing my mail.

plug-misc and Gnus scoring

I’ve started automatically scoring down threads and authors in
plug-misc, as I’m not really into corny forwarded jokes or me-toos.
They’re not off-topic for the anything-goes plug-misc, so I can’t
nudge people into not doing that. Oh well. <grin> S’okay.

Stuff to stop mispronouncing

CATegorize, for one. I keep pronouncing it as caTEgorize. There are
probably lots of Filipino English things I have to fix so that I
comply with the standard… <muses>

Don’t suppose there are BBC audio anywhere?