November 20, 2004

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New pictures up!

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Emacs makes all things hackable. I wrote a function to quickly pull
thumbnails into an emacs-wiki buffer. Yay.

emacs-wiki snippet for getting a list of images from a dired buffer

(defun sacha/emacs-wiki-marked-images-as-kill ()
  "Return a list of images ready to be inserted into a wiki page."
  (kill-new (mapconcat

bash script for timestamping and thumbnailing pictures

while [ -n "$1" ]; do
  if [ -f $1 ]; then
    DATE=$(date +"%Y%m%d-%H%M%S" --reference="$1")
    EXT=$(echo "$1" | sed 's/.*\././')
    echo $1
    cp $1 "$DATE$EXT"
    cp "$DATE$EXT" "thumb-$DATE$EXT"
    touch --reference="$1" "$DATE$EXT"
    if [ "$EXT" == ".jpg" ]; then
       convert -size $SIZE -resize $SIZE "$DATE$EXT" "thumb-$DATE$EXT"
       touch --reference="$1" "thumb-$DATE$EXT"


Work with programmers around the world on OpenACS projects. OpenACS is an
open source databased-backed website development tool kit. Projects are
primarily for US based nonprofits and educational institutions. Work from
home with a team based in Philippines, US and else where in the world.

Relevant experience includes:

Linux, emacs, PostgreSQL, SQL, Oracle. Tcl, web development, graphic design
including use of Photo Shop and other tools and project management
including the use of Microsoft Project. Computer Science degree preferred.

Must have a high speed internet connection and your own computer. Pay
commensurate with experience. Excellent Bonus potential.

Willing to accept and train fresh graduates. Interested applicants
may directly email me their resumes.

dedsoralive AT


Celsus Kintanar: 3rd place, development challenge, TopCoder

Congratulations to Celsus Kintanar for winning 3rd place and USD 2500
in the Component Development part of the TopCoder challenge.
(Heh, don’t let him fool you; that’s a Really Cool Achievement!)

TopCoder is one of the biggest programming contests on the Net. =)

Contest article by Joey Alarilla, Inq7

(Kudos to Joey for prompt posting and great coverage, and of course to
Celsus for doing well!)

Patrica Chanco Evangelista’s followup to the Faye story


Now *that* is a beautifully written piece. I admire Patricia for her
humble apologies and for courageously living through the situation and
keeping her dignity intact. Not many people have the opportunity
to grow up so quickly over so short a time. May this episode whet her
appetite for writing even more.