December 15, 2004

Oh, blast. MIT application incomplete.

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They need a paper copy of my transcript. Also, recommendation letters
from my teachers haven’t reached them yet.

I’ve probably deep-sixed my chances of going to MIT next year, as I
think I come across as an irresponsible person who can’t keep track of
deadlines and who will thus be perpetually late for other
requirements. And to think I maintain a personal information manager!

It’s true, though. I didn’t give this application as much care as I
should’ve. Something to learn from, I guess.

Kanji for the day

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このセミナーは事前登録にて会費無料となっておりますのでお気軽にご参加ください。| This seminar’s registration is free of charge, so please join!

Personal blog

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Personal stuff will now be posted on . There be dragons. Here,
however, will be lots of Emacs hackery and technical goodness.