December 18, 2004

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Scrabble with Sean

sachachua 316
wintermarch 288

Emacs Lisp mentioned in job ad

 job --> "SDE, Tech Assessment Team - US-WA-Seattle
          equivalent, proficiency with at least one functional language (such
          as Lisp, ML, or Haskell), strong Java 2... modeling, and emacs-lisp
          programming are strong plusses. External/Internal Candidates
          .Location: Seattle"
 "emacs-lisp programming strong plus". when will you ever see that



I love knitting
I love knitting

Scarf, bunched up
Scarf, bunched up

Wearing the scarf
Wearing the scarf
Wearing the scarf

I’m giving this as a gift tomorrow, so I have to take pictures of it
today… <laugh>