December 31, 2004

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More open source work

 sachac: you'd be remiss if you don't include pmana's work. ;)
 and of course, iptraf is by a pinoy.

And the rest of the year passed by in a blur

August Turned 21. Threw birthday party/send-off party. Didn’t blog much; was very busy.
September, 2004.10.01 Japanese language studies. Lots of lectures blogged.
November Training at MSI. Met Prof. Chignel of UToronto. Gave talk on PIM for Tokyo Linux Users Group.
December More Japanese langueg studies.

Somewhere along the way, Dominique and I formalized our relationship.
=) (Don’t ask me when, though; I don’t know.)


7/21 Made it to the shortlist of the AOTS program, then 7/28 finally got confirmed. 7/30 Said goodbye. 7/30 Also got hooked on social bookmarking.


Many notes on cooking and teaching.

- 6/27: The start of my life as a street performer / amateur arsonist


- 5/12: Reflections on the Getting Things Done methodology

Boring month. ;)


- 4/3: Assigned ERC copyright to GNU. Yay!
4/8: Sand cats
4/13: Started aikido
4/14: Posted teaching evaluations
4/15: 2nd sem reflections on teaching
4/17: Get rescued by Dominique from Kathy’s clubbing gimmick
4/22: Lots of teaching-related notes
4/23: Stories about high school competitions
4/29: Benefits of small commits


Lots of Planner hacking.

- 3/7: Techie dinner with William, Miguel and Jijo. Told him about fai. It made his Shopwise project lots of fun.
3/25: Long reflection about planner.
3/27: My first batch of students graduates.
3/30: Zapped my home directory. Lost my secret key.

More Filipinos into open source development

sachac: there’s also my former work colleague – pol babao III –

he’s the author of phpmylibrary.