March 10, 2004

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Planner tasks from notes

Planner tasks from notes should update the notes page that they link to while maintaining the special links. This means that planner-jump-to-linked-task needs to be smarter.

Let us look at case 1: Link to plan page note

The plan page has a date link, no anchor. The date page has a plan link with an anchor. Example:

 #A1  _ Foo (2004.03.11)
 #A1  _ Foo ([[SomePage#1][SomePage]])

Problem! The plan page does not contain enough information to reconstruct the link if necessary. I can't think of a neat way to fix this yet. Can anyone?

ASTI Embedded Systems Group looking for interns

The Embedded Systems Group of the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI-DOST) is looking for highly motivated techie undergrads for it's summer internship program. Qualified applicants should be undergraduates in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, ECE, and related fields. Knowledge in either C/C++, the Linux kernel and OS, or device drivers, etc. is a plus, but all other applicants are welcome to apply anyway. Send in your updated resume to [email protected] and we would contact you asap. Flyers would hopefully be distributed to the individual departments within the week.

I highly recommend this. =) I was part of the embedded systems group during my summer practicum. Those guys are cool. (And I got to hack on the Linux iPAQ a bit more...)

E-Mail from Paolo Lim

Template for CS21A project defense

- How can we install and play your game? - What problems did you encounter programming the game, and how did you solve them? - What did you learn from this project and how did you learn that? - Aside from the things we learned in class, did you learn anything else while working on the game? - What would you like to learn how to do next?

Should emacs-wiki links be easily editable?

With the recent addition of `emacs-wiki-link-escape' and `emacs-wiki-link-unescape', links are now unescaped before displaying. This makes them uneditable. People probably shouldn't be editing the links manually as this can screw up planner links (among others), but I should provide an easy way to edit the link at point. I have a function in my emacs-wiki-config.el to do that. I'll probably bind to C-c C-e, which makes sense.