March 15, 2004

Bulk view

Searching for all entries related to a person

How would I search for all entries related to a particular person? A
BBDB search that resolved URLs would get the explicit bbdb links
perfectly, but what about the links automatically derived from
annotations? I could search for all links and then parse out the name
derived from the BBDB if the link is of the form _____ from/to ____ .

The more general question is:

How do you extract entities (persons / resources) from semi-structured
text? I’m working with hyperlinked entries, so I can assume that:

- any e-mail is associated with a person (I hope)
- websites will frequently be rooted off another person’s namespace
- the contact database is populated by people
- names will tend to be non-dictionary, capitalized words

I’ll start out by getting explicit, consistent links recognized. Then
explicit, inconsistent links. Then unlinked names (woohoo).


Information retrieval research

Implicit query

Personal information management

- UC Berkeley: School of Information Management and Systems
- Canterbury, NZ:
- lifestreams
- temporal and social structures
- : (Oh wow… pretty… Cluttered, but pretty…)
- Chandler