March 23, 2004

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Stanford: Stream data manager

In applications such as network monitoring, telecommunications data
management, web personalization, manufacturing, sensor networks, and
others, data takes the form of continuous data streams rather than
finite stored data sets, and clients require long-running continuous
queries as opposed to one-time queries. Traditional database systems
and data processing algorithms are ill-equipped to handle complex and
numerous continuous queries over data streams, and many aspects of
data management and processing need to be reconsidered in their
presence. In the STREAM project, we are reinvestigating data
management and query processing in the presence of multiple,
continuous, rapid, time-varying data streams. We are attacking
problems ranging from basic theory results to algorithms to
implementing a comprehensive prototype data stream management system.

School Bus

It’s not much, but if I don’t force myself to write, I might never get
around to it. =)

She glanced at the clock impatiently, trying to ignore the giggles and
peals of laughter that erupted from the classrooms next to K-1B. 8:35.
Where were her kids? By this time, Annie would be gazing out the
window, daydreaming of castles and princes. Mike’d be fidgeting at the
back, unable to keep still. Laurie would be dutifully working on the
exercise for the day. She wrung her hands. Where were they?
Kindergarten students were almost never late. The school bus service
dropped them off at 8:15 everyday. One or two might be truant, but an
entire class?

She surveyed the empty chairs with growing concern. Locking the
classroom door behind her, she hurried to the principal’s office. “My
students—”, she began, but the look of horror on the principal’s face
robbed her of breath. She turned to the television set that transfixed
him and her world blew away with the smoke billowing from the
yellow crushed metal that once protected her angels.

cal-desk-calendar support for planner-diary.el

Travis B. Hartwell wrote:

Hi all,

I patched what I hope is the most recent version of planner-diary.el
from tla to optionally utilize cal-desk-calendar. cal-desk-calendar
is an add-on for diary-mode which displays the day’s events in a neat
“desk calendar” like way. I wanted to be able to have this pulled
into my day planner pages instead of just a list of the scheduled
event. To do this, I added a variable ‘planner-diary-use-cal-desk-calendar’,
which when set to non-nil will cause cal-desk-calendar to be used. I
patched planner-diary-get-diary-entries to handle this.

A screenshot of this in action:

To get cal-desk-calendar.el:

My changed planner-diary.el:

My elisp skills aren’t the greatest, so I’m open for corrections or
enhancements. I hope others can find this as useful as I have.


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