March 5, 2004

Bulk view

My first LISP snippet!

This parses my blog RDF and returns a sexp.

(require :xmls)
 (stream "../../notebook/wiki/blog.rdf" :direction :input)
 (xmls::parse stream))

Important things learned:

- with-open-file - how to load packages (require :package) - how to call functions (package::function)

Pre-final exemptions


- Abrencillo, Gerald Vonn J. - Alvarez, Carlo G. - Cruz, Neil Martin P. - Domingo, Adrian Francis C. - Flores, Melvin S. - Gonzalez, Michael Philip G. - Sanggalang, John Francis A.


- Arguelles, Carlos-Miguel G. - Ching, James Henry Y. - Chua, Elgine O. - Cruz, Katrina Marie M. - Florencio, Trina Anne I. - Lee, Hee-Soo - Lim, Clifford Ian G. - Noel, Joseph Christian G. - Quinones, Amabelle S. - Rigor, Christopher John D. - Rivera, Paul Hercules M. - San Diego, Katrina Mae G. - Teo, Rockie Randall G. - Ting, Benito Y. - Uy, Lerrizah Lorraine L. - Velasco, Vincent Anthony M.