March 5, 2004

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RSS-Blog-Furl High School – a vision of the blogging future?

Rest of the site is pretty cool too.

My first LISP snippet!

This parses my blog RDF and returns a sexp.

(require :xmls)
 (stream "../../notebook/wiki/blog.rdf" :direction :input)
 (xmls::parse stream))

Important things learned:

- with-open-file
– how to load packages (require :package)
– how to call functions (package::function)

Slime – an Emacs interface for Common LISP

A CVS checkout worked out of the box. _And_ it’s colored, too. Nifty.

Using Common Lisp to build web applications


Microsoft wearable?


E-Mail from Tony Havelka

Programming challenges

Well, it _used_ to be on the New Acquisitions shelf. Now it’s in my cubicle. ;)

Programming Challenges

the book was really interesting. The book is currently in the “new
acquisitions” section of the library. I learned a lot from skimming
through it. This is a good material for our future training sessions.

details at

Time to grab the book from the lib…

E-Mail from allan espinosa

Personal metadata exchanger

PMX is hybridly distributed chat & messaging server program. It will
allow sending messages, receiving them only from trusted whitelisted
sources and the creation of private personal chat networks. XML,
JXTA and Jabber are the foundation for this project

Hmmm. It should be interesting to see if this could work with, like, RSS.

Pre-final exemptions


- Abrencillo, Gerald Vonn J.
– Alvarez, Carlo G.
– Cruz, Neil Martin P.
– Domingo, Adrian Francis C.
– Flores, Melvin S.
– Gonzalez, Michael Philip G.
– Sanggalang, John Francis A.


- Arguelles, Carlos-Miguel G.
– Ching, James Henry Y.
– Chua, Elgine O.
– Cruz, Katrina Marie M.
– Florencio, Trina Anne I.
– Lee, Hee-Soo
– Lim, Clifford Ian G.
– Noel, Joseph Christian G.
– Quinones, Amabelle S.
– Rigor, Christopher John D.
– Rivera, Paul Hercules M.
– San Diego, Katrina Mae G.
– Teo, Rockie Randall G.
– Ting, Benito Y.
– Uy, Lerrizah Lorraine L.
– Velasco, Vincent Anthony M.


Site that mentions PlannerMode

What is Chalow?

Working from the Google cache of . This looks interesting.