March 6, 2004

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Backlog of blog entries: MOTAS, March 5

So I was playing Mystery of Time and Space in class, thanks to the
students who pointed me to it. I did remember to tell students they
could interrupt me any time, and I did answer a few CS21B questions
while playing.

Apparently, they were surprised at the ease at which I solved the
puzzles. Hey, I’m into adventure games and lateral thinking puzzles –
makes sense.

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Open house

To formally welcome you to the DISCS open house is the Dean of SOSE, Dr. Fabian Dayrit.


– Recruitment activity, been offered a slot and we’d like to encourage you to come to the Ateneo
– Also for us to introduce what the Ateneo stands for, what the Ateneo is. If you come to Ateneo, you will be spending four or five years here and it will probably determine your future.
– Core curriculum, major curriculum

Education is a partnership. Student, faculty, school. Education is not a one-way affair. Students play a big role in the quality of the education. V. important that you know what Ateneo is. Best school really depends on the student.

Why come to the Ateneo to study Science and Engineering?

“Lux in Domino.” Pursuit of knowledge and wisdom which is inspired by service to God’s work.

Magis (more): service and excellence

One of the oldest Jesuit institutions of higher learning in Asia.

The core curriculum is the primary instrument of formation, through
which the Ateneo spirit of excellence and service are articulated and
passed on to students.

All S&E students take courses in history, social science,
literature, philosophy and theology, in addition to their major

Importance: Basic education ~ 10-11 years. Among the shortest in the
world. Students enter at 15 or 16, 17 is old. Very young students. The
core curriculum helps form students through the formative teenage
years. Even in that sense, very important role.

Science not just for its sake.

Major curriculum trains students in the fundamentals of the field, the
state-of-the-art, as well as its applied areas. Interdisciplinary
dialogue is encouraged among the science and engineering disciplines,
as well as with the humanities, social sciences and management.

All of our students get accepted into the schools of their choice, if
they choose graduate school. No problem with the science part of our
curriculum. If you look through the catalog, many of our degree
programs are interdisciplinary. MIS is between CS and Management.
Computational sciences. BS Management of Applied Chemistry. Skills
not just found in one discipline.

Our Faculty

Leaders in their wown field, excellence in teaching and research,
mentorship. Short list of awardees. About 5 in the school, the
highest in any one school. Also awards that are more professionally

Our students

Leaders in their own field. 11.5% scholars in Loyola School, 47% in
SSE. CHED requires 1% scholarship. Leaders in their own field.

SOSE departments: Bio, Chem, ECE, ES, DISCS, Math, Physics

Interdisciplinary areas

Information technology, environment, materials science and
engineering, biochemistry and molecular biology, science and
mathematics education

S&E education at the Ateneo

– Excellent faculty and staff
– Solid foundation in fundamentals
– Exposure to applied areas
– Student-centered learning
– Research and hands-on experience
– Personal mentoring for the faculty
– …

Recruitment video

Academic requirements, core curriculum (Bong Olpoc)
I like his slides!

Student activities

“Warning: Blogs Can Be Infectious”

Researchers at Hewlett-Packard Labs used Intelliseek’s BlogPulse Web
crawler to mine numerous Weblogs, after which they mapped out the
connections and topics shared among a large number of sites. Analysis
showed that topics would often appear on a small number of relatively …

E-Mail from [email protected]


I think I smiley too much.

That’s probably because I smile too much, too.

All this GoodKarma floating around…

Agh! I nearly put in another smiley there!

It’s just like punctuation.

Heck, it is punctuation.

Okay, I think I really should go to sleep now.

Warm and fuzzy feelings

  Hi sachac :-)
  i've been following your planner mode pages for a while, I must say it's a great project
  dto: Awwwww, thanks! =)
  dto: You can go thank johnw for that. My job is just to patch the bugs I accidentally introduce, and
          occasionally make a bunch of people really happy by figuring out how to hack something cool into it. =)
  sachac: I use nnrss/gnus to read your feed :-)
  anyway I think you're doing great, i'd love to offer feedback
  dto: Awwwwww... =)
  i'm planning to use it for organizing my work, it's very hectic and i manage multiple
       projects/tasks/contacts/emails etc
  dto: Wow, neat! =)

Girls just wanna defun

Girls just wanna defun(1)
I can’t wake up, in the morning
Cause of what I’ve been doing for most of the night.
Teacher don’t you know my program is done?
And girls just wanna defun.


The phone rings, in the middle of the night
Advisor screams, “Watcha gonna do with your life?”
Patrick(2), how I relish double-oh-one(3)!
And girls just wanna defun.


They just wanna, just wanna, yeah
Girls just wanna defun.


Some people say
A beautiful girl can’t tool all night like
The rest of the world.
I wanna be the one to welcome the sun.
And girls just wanna defun.


– 1 Defun, the Lisp command to define a procedure
– 2 Winston, ai professor, MIT
– 3 6.001, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs