May 31, 2004

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Double Room: prose poetry and short fiction

Double Room: prose poetry and short fiction —

Indexer for planner notes

Just realized that planner-search-notes with a match-all will do perfectly well.
I don’t have to do this yet, then. =)




Tooltip-show the next completion. Hmm, that’s nice.

E-Mail from D. Goel

Musical letters

Musical letters —

Joe Corneli’s written an interface to fluidsynth driven by Emacs
typing. Sounds like the sort of multimedia stuff that the MIT Media
Lab and people like Martin Gomez would find interesting.

Japanese for nerds

Japanese for nerds —

BlueJ wiki

E-Mail from Davin McCall

w000t! Got perfect on my general GRE!

Got 800 on both the verbal and quantitative sections of the general GRE test. Whee!