June 18, 2004

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More nuggets from the luser who’s trying to hit on me

Out of the Minix OS there rose the linux 0.01 kernel. If u did not used it and depend much with emacs u were never been in d world of kernel hacking.

The Unix kernel is so simple but it takes to be a genius to understand it. Emacs is so complex but it only takes an idiot to understand it. CHEERS!

Some people, really. <roll eyes> I'm torn between baiting him to see if his other text messages will be hilarious or just ignoring him as he embarrasses himself in front of me and the Web.

I should put this on the OnLove page as an example of how _not_ to go after a geek girl...

Clueless lamer

Hah. Just got a text message from someone with a high luser rating.

Helo sacha. Ur a linux chiq i suppose. I got info from u in friendster. Anyway, kol me dems and a linux/bsd/minix certified user. Hpe to hear frm u.

Ur tech expertise is not that impressive bcoz u only work with SYSTEM V rel. 2 but not with the 4.4BSD systems. Anyway ur quite way impressive overall.

I am _so_ not impressed. He dared insult my geekhood! Lamer. Anyway, his number's (format "+%d%d%d%d" (+ 62 1) (/ 1834 2) (* 1905 2) (- 949 2)). Not that I'm encouraging you to do anything nasty to him... <evil grin>