July 8, 2004

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The Monty Python article on Slashdot must’ve started me on a SPAM
kick. Bought myself a tin of SPAM and had fried SPAM and rice today.
Not very challenging CookOrDie-wise but still fun. Tomorrow I’ll have
a SPAM omelette. On Monday, maybe I’ll have a SPAM sandwich. Or angel
hair with SPAM. Or SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM… Mwahahaha!

Marking up note headlines with a permalink

(defun sacha/planner-markup-note ()
  "Replace note with marked-up span."
  (let ((id (concat
             (match-string 1)))
        (val (match-string 1)))
       (format "#%s\n** %s " id
                (concat (emacs-wiki-page-name)
                        "#" val)
                (concat val ".")))))))

(defalias 'planner-markup-note 'sacha/planner-markup-note)

“Cyber Crumbs for Successful Aging With Vision Loss”

Researchers at the Atlanta VA Rehabilitation Research and Development
Center have collaborated with Charmed Technology to develop Cyber Crumbs,
an electronic system that functions like a trail of bread crumbs to help
visually impaired people efficiently navigate through unfamiliar

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“Programming Doesn’t Begin to Define Computer Science”

Jim Morris, computer science professor and Dean of Carnegie Mellon
University’s West Coast Campus, writes that the fall-off in college-level
computer science enrollments is chiefly due to a misrepresentation of the
field’s goals: The computing industry’s cyclical boom-bust pattern owes a …

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