January 6, 2005

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One #emacs day – 0. 2005.01.05 and 1. 2005.01.06


(Technically, one and a half, because this is the first entry)

Here are interesting tidbits from irc://irc.freenode.net/#emacs


M-x column-number-mode makes Emacs show column numbers.
emms-locate is a useful way to play selected media files.
– Powerful buffer switching: With either iswitchb or ido, C-x b C-s. ido seems to be better than iswitchb for multitty Emacs, and comes with CVS GNU Emacs. iswitchb is in GNU Emacs and the edit-utils package for XEmacs. If you want to stick with iswitchb fulltime, add (iswitchb-default-keybindings) to your init.el.
- ess (emacs spreadsheet):
set-variable set-goal-column nil for neater navigation
- emms: (define-key dired-mode-map [.] 'emms-play-dired) after dired is already loaded
- Editing XML: Many people recommend nxml (GNU Emacs only). xsl-mode is also useful even for other XML files. xsl-mode indentation is better than xml-mode, too. xsl-mode is in the xslide package, and in the cygwin sumo package.
- If you want Python files recognized, install python-mode and (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist (cons "\\.py\\'" 'python-mode))
- Gnus: You can use B DEL to delete drafts.
- Recursion in lambdas! (funcall #1=(lambda (n) (if (= n 0) 1 (* n (funcall #1# (1- n))))) 5) - result: 120. Not recommended.
- Use M-x goto-line to go to the nth line.
- To copy the font setting and color-theme of the old frame when you create a new frame: (defadvice make-frame (around frob-frame-parameters activate) (let ((default-frame-alist (frame-parameters))) ad-do-it))
- How to get rid of all the ^Ms at the end of lines: M-% C-q C-m RET C-q RET RET . (Better solution: M-x revert-buffer-with-coding-system, dos.)
- desktop can make Emacs jump to the previous position in a file when you reopen the file
- Setting auto-fill in file comments: -*- mode: major; mode: auto-fill -*-, where major is the major mode you want


– ess toolbar variables (customization) need to be set before ess is loaded, but ess is loaded in site-start. How do you set it, then?


– ljupdate darcs repository: http://edward.oconnor.cx/code/ljupdate/
– ERC seems to be the most popular IRC client.
– Have you checked out the Emacs LiveJournal community? http://www.livejournal.com/community/emacs/
– Don’t worry about losing local changes when you modify the source code of CVS Emacs. CVS does patches.
– Emacs under screen: C-\ might be a good Screen escape key.
– People use normal synchronization tools like rsync, unison, and CVS to sync their planner.el pages between computers.
– Hook variables named -hook tend to not take arguments, while hook variables named -functions might be called with arguments.
– Debian: /etc/emacs/site-start.d and /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/debian-startup.el are responsible for lines like “Loading 00debian-vars (source)…”, while /usr/lib/emacsen-common/emacs-package-install is called when the deb is being set up.

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Physics in the City, Eastwood, Jan 15

As Rick posted on PLUG:

The organizers of the Physics in the City on Jan. 15
at Eastwood City have lined up a very interesting list
of activities (appended). The talks and demos would be
very interesting to your elementary or high school
kids. Take time out to bring them there – you may have
a scientist in your home just waiting to be

Bonus track: fireworks at 7 pm, for those like me who
are fireworks afficionados.



Morning Activities

– Opening Program, Auditorium, 10-10:20am
– Einstein Lecture, Auditorium, 10:20-11am
– Demos, presentations, exhibits, magic tricks, coffee table talks, Central Plaza, Cybermall, Citywalk 2, 11am-12noon

Afternoon Activities

– Demos, presentations, exhibits, magic tricks, coffee table talks, Central Plaza, Cybermall, Citywalk 2, 12noon-6pm

Evening Activities

– Open forum on the environment and astronomy, Central Plaza, 6-7pm
– Fireworks, Grand Staircase 7-7:30pm
– Demos, presentations, exhibits, magic tricks, coffee table talks, Central Plaza, Cybermall, Citywalk 2, 7:30-10pm

Waaah. Forget about kids. _I_ really want to go. WAAAAH.

E-Mail from rick

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43Folders: Snapshots of a Dream Productivity App

Hooks and more hooks – As I’ve repeated until I’m hoarse, apps like Quicksilver change the way you use
your Mac. Drastically. Ditto for any app that’s open to interaction via (the vastly underutilized) OS X
Services. There are smart ways to provide some kind of access to most any program without switching from
the foreground app and the task at hand. I want ways to append information, create new items, and do any
“capturing” from wherever I am. At the very least, I want a universal “drop box” to which I can
periodically return to process, file, and enrich any kind of productivity app data (reminders, phone
numbers, notes, etc.).

See, Planner’s onto something here.

We’re not very good at ad hoc collections, though.

43 Folders: I Want a Pony: Snapshots of a Dream Productivity App

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