February 19, 2005

Weekend plans

February 19, 2005 - Categories: japan
Bandai Museum
http://www.bandai-museum.jp/english/miru/g_museum/g_museum.html .
Matsudo station on the Joban line. I can do this in the morning or early afternoon.
I want to drop off a pack of mangoes and a set of notebooks.
She sometimes works during weekends. However, Kobayashi-san wants to
meet on Sunday. The best time to meet Tomoko is probably Saturday
evening. After Bandai museum, I can leave for Odakyu Tama Center. It
takes about an hour and a half between that station and Kita Senju.

Ah. Hmm. So. Saturday. Wake up early and coordinate with Tomoko about
meeting her. If she has work on Saturday, I can meet her at Shinjuku
in the afternoon and go back in the evening. If not, I’ll visit her
for lunch on Sunday.

At any rate, I should visit Bandai Museum on Saturday. It’s closer to
Kita Senju than it is to Ueno, though, so I’ll meet Dave there.





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