Calling all Ateneo programming competition alumni

March 18, 2005 is graduation day of the Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University. Many past and present members of the Ateneo ACM programming teams will graduate on this day. We will miss them in ACM-Manila 2005 and in future programming contests, but we shall never forget the beautiful experiences that we shared, during practices and at the actual contests.

We are inviting all past and present members of the Ateneo ACM programming teams, whether graduating, not graduating, or already graduated, from batches 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2004, and all the faculty coaches, secretaries, and the DISCS chair, to join us in a pictorial at 3:15 pm on March 18, 2005, at the graduation assembly area, at the Ateneo High School. Graduating members and faculty will please wear their academic gown. Present team members will please wear their team jackets. Those who have already graduated please come in semi-formal clothes.

I am making this announcement early, so that you can plan to make yourself free at 3:15 pm on graduation day.

Thank you. See you there!

PMana Coach

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