March 18, 2005

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Tanaga: Siopao

My first tanaga. Please help me fix my Tagalog; I might’ve gotten some
of the nuances wrong. The poem below is fairly sick. I hope this never
happens to any cat!


pusang aking inangkin
hinagkan nang malambing,
siniopao at kinain?!
iba sana hinain!

Buhayin ang Tanaga!

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Kodak Philippines: send pictures through the Net

In response to Michael Cheney’s search for a service that’ll let him
upload photos and have them printed out by someone in the Philippines,
Doc Mana mentioned Kodak Express and said:

They have a FAQ, which guides you through the membership
process. I have not personally tried this service, but Kodak
Philippines has a very good reputation for quality printing, so you
will not be disappointed.

E-Mail from Pablo Manalastas

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