April 22, 2005

Movie marathon

April 22, 2005 - Categories: barkada, friends, party

Watched King Arthur, Ring 2 (not worth watching), Ranma, and My Little
Bride with Marcelle, Grace, Ranulf, Peppy, and Sean at my house. It
was a lot of fun hanging out with them. My Little Bride was so cute!

妻は独眼の猫を見て身震いした。 My wife shuddered at the sight of a one-eyed cat.

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Banaue cultural festival from April 28 to May 1

April 22, 2005 - Categories: philippines

From April 28, 2005 to May 1, 2005, Banaue will hold the 8th Imbayah
Cultural Festival: “Breaking the Cultural Barriers: Meeting the
Challenges of the Times.” “Imbayah” comes from the word “bayah,” which
means “rice wine.” It is Banaue’s grandest celebration, marking the
elevation of a common family to nobility. In modern times, this
community festival showcases the best in Banaue’s cultural heritage,
drawing tourists from all over the Philippines and around the world to
see Ifugao sing, dance, and play traditional games dressed in full
native regalia.

The cultural festival is preceded by 9 nights of merry-making, dancing
and chanting at the Market Plaza. The Imbayah will be officially
kicked off with an opening ritual or “Baki” to be held on April 28 at
1:00 PM in the Market Plaza, followed by a concert at the ICS gym. On
April 29, a dancing parade will be held starting at 7:30 on the ICS
grounds. An agro-industrial fair will be held at the newly-constructed
Municipal Market Building, followed by musical competition, a variety
show, and a street party. April 30 opens with a street dancing contest
at 7:30 at the LGU Extension Office in Ilogue, ethnic games and craft
competitions, and various races to be held at the Market Plaza. At
7:00 on May 1, hiking enthusiasts can tackle the Bannawor trail. This
will be followed by more competitions and the closing ceremony.

Visitors are invited to come experience Banaue at its best. For more
information, contact Jerry U. Dalipog, municipal mayor of Banaue.

(or get in touch with me or my dad.)

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General instructions for assignments

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All pages in an assignment should have your name in the upper left
corner and the page number in the upper right corner. I suppose I
should draft things in oowriter, but I’ll repost it as HTML and text
as well.

私たちが休暇をとっている間、近所の人が私たちの猫の世話をしてくれた。 While we were on holiday, a neighbor took care of our cat.