July 6, 2005

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GOT MY VISA! Despedida details

The Canadian Embassy approved my student visa! I'm really going to go to Canada on July 15, 2005! Yay!

I'll be holding my despedida and advanced birthday party on July 9, 2005 (Saturday). Sorry about the short notice, but it was so hard to plan anything not knowing if I'd actually be leaving.

Sacha's 22nd birthday party and 2nd despedida

Date July 9, 2005
Time 1 - 5 PM, program starts at 3
Place See map below, or go to my house first for directions
Attire Casual. Geeky, if you can manage it


Don't bring gifts. My baggage allowance is too small. ;) I would, however, really really appreciate it if you could write me a letter telling me what you've been up to this last year (or last N years, depending on when we last talked). We're also going to talk about our plans for the next two years, so spend some time thinking about your two-year plan (what you want to do) and be prepared to share it with everyone in a speech of maybe a minute or two.

Come and hang out. I want to know what you're interested in, and I want you to get to meet other people I know just in case you find that you've got similar interests and goals.

Light snacks will be served.

This is pretty much an open party, so if you know people who know me and don't mind talking about their goals and giving advice or whatever for about a minute or two, drag them along. =)


そのコンピュータは最新式だ。 The computer is up to date.

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Scriptaculous! – Javascript wizardry

For the Javascript-challenged among us, myself included, script.aculo.us is a godsend. This is where you can pick up code for drag-and-drop lists and funky visual effects. Neato.

その情報は私のコンピュータのファイルに入っている。 The information is in a file in my computer.

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不正アクセスは、法律で取り締まるべき。 There should be a law against hacking into the system/computer.

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