July 7, 2005

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It’s at the Enrique studio, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. =)
We’re next to Mercury Drug. Map: 2005.07.06#5 Time: 1 – 5, program at 3.
Bring your 2-year plan.

私はコンピューターについてあまり知識がない。 I don’t know much about computers.

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Poi performance at Ayala Museum

I had a fire poi performance at Ayala Museum for all of three minutes.
Two minutes, actually, because sound faded in so slowly. (Note to
self: Next time, make sure sound guy knows how to work the iPod. Hi,
Ranulf! ;) )

It was fun. I don’t know whether the audience liked it or not, as I
couldn’t see anything. <laugh>

コンピュータを使えば数字やグラフを扱うときに多くの時間と労力が省ける。 Computers will save you much time and energy when you deal with figures and graphs.

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