July 27, 2005

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Wahoo! Bikergal!

I’ve signed up with BikeShare, a
Community Bicycle Network
program that’s like a library for bikes. They plan to turn Toronto
into a little Amsterdam (err, the _bicycle_ aspect of Amsterdam, not
some of its other aspects! =) ). Good stuff! CAD 25.00 gets you a
season pass valid until sometime in December. You can borrow and
return a bike from any of the hubs in Toronto, and you can keep a bike
for up to 3 days. Very good stuff.

コンピュータの使い方も知らないのに、あんなに高いマシンを買って。宝の持ち腐れだよ。 What a waste to buy such an expensive machine even though he doesn’t even know how to use computers.

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Bank account needs social insurance number needs employment contract

Sorting out my finances is harder than I thought. My funding won’t
kick in until September, although they’re still paying 12 months of
support. Good thing my parents made sure I was well-prepared. This is
certainly not something I could do on my own (without being royally
gouged by banks).

I biked up to St. Clair (uphill! on a one-speed bike! ack!) to apply
for a social insurance number, only to find out that I needed an
employment contract from the school or from an employer providing
services on campus. Without a social insurance number, I couldn’t
apply for a bank account. Oh well. I guess I’ll go again when I get
the contract.

Still, nothing can put a damper in my mood. I signed up for Bikeshare!
I can bike around Toronto! Wheee!

コンピュータに関する本を全部集めなさい。 Put all the books about computer together.

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