August 22, 2005

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It was cold today, cold enough to drive me back into the dorm in search of a light leather coat. I took the bobby pins out of my hair so that my ears would be hidden and warm, and reminded myself that fall wouldn't officially begin until late September.

Should I go for the teaching assistantship?

Should I go for the teaching assistantship for Decision Support Systems? If I accept the job, I'd be handling the lab sessions for the course.

Is it something I'm excited about? I like teaching. The professor seems to care about teaching as well, and he handles the tutorials himself. That's good. I'll probably learn a lot from him. Does the subject itself excite me? Browsing through the textbook turns up a couple of interesting stuff that I'll be able to use in groupware research and later on. It's a good opportunity to learn about organizations' information needs.

Does it fit into my long-term plans? I'll learn about information organization and visualization, which might be useful for executive coaching later on.

Is it worth 6 hours a week or 78 hours of my life? I guess so.

Let’s connect

I want to find geeks in the Philippines and learn about what kind of work they want to do. I'm particularly interested in people who are looking for bigger challenges or who know of cool jobs.

I want to find business people and learn about the kind of geeks they're looking for. I'm particularly interested in clueful companies with high geek concentration.

I want to find teachers who are interested in improving their teaching skills.

I want to find personal coaches and productivity consultants.

I'm on LinkedIn as Sandra Jean Chua ([email protected]). Let's connect.