August 25, 2005

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Argh. Got my own number wrong.

I’ve been writing down “832” instead of “834” as the first three
digits of my cellphone. Argh.

The faint smell of burnt protein…

… wafts up from freshly-dried pillows.

Hmm. Maybe they’re serious about “tumble-dry low-heat for several hours”.

Planner tip: What day is it?

I sometimes forget what day it is, so I changed my planner template to
something that fills in the day, too.

(defun sacha/planner-day-page-template ()
  "Day page template for Sacha."
  (let ((date (planner-filename-to-calendar-date (planner-page-name))))
    (insert "Headlines for "
            (calendar-day-name date)
            ":\n\n\n\n* Tasks\n\n\n* Notes\n\n")))
(setq planner-day-page-template 'sacha/planner-day-page-template)

Wow! Cleared my mail inbox!

Finally unticked everything in mail.misc and mail.planner. All the
ticked mails are now represented as tasks in my planner… Yay! =)
That feels good, too.

Burst of productivity, thoughts on maintenance

It’s 9:17 and I’m looking at a neat list of completed planner tasks,
mainly thanks to Sergey Vlasov’s attention to detail and neat
bugfixing skills. The Planner community has really grown in all
directions. Practically all the bugfixes and new features come from
the users themselves; they’re really more co-developers. My role as a
maintainer, then, is more of documenting what’s there, helping
newbies, guiding people through the source code, and hosting the
thing. Other projects have maintainers who set the project’s
direction. On the other hand, I follow where people go. I really enjoy
doing that, and it thrills me to no end when I can hack something
together quickly to fit a particular person’s way of working. =) I’m
not much of a maintainer—bugs keep creeping in, new features hardly
get worked on—but I really love working with the community. _They’re_
the real maintainers, and they’re soooooo cool.