August 29, 2005

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30-day challenges: Touch three times

After having successfully become an early riser, J Wynia has set a new challenge for the next 30 days: read 100 pages a day.

I don't have much of a print backlog because I read quickly and regularly, so I'll set myself a different challenge: to touch three people. I will initiate three messages a day.

It's too easy for me to fall into the habit of just reacting to whatever mail I get, writing only when I receive a note (and sometimes not even then). I want to change that. I want to proactively reach out.

I'm learning that I don't have to rush through my schoolwork or my research, and that the time I take to enjoy people's company will be worth far more in the end.

I need pictures

After flipping through all of my digital pictures, I've realized that I don't have a good head shot. My nicest pictures are the ones my dad took of me and my wearable computer. I can use that for tech, I guess, but I need more pictures.


The joy of paper

There is something inexpressibly elegant about fine cream cards and gold-lined envelopes, and it was with great delight that I found my favorite monogrammed cards at Sears. One of my ninangs introduced me to Crane and Company's elegant gold-embossed cards by way of a gift for my 21st birthday, and I have been in love with them ever since.

I sifted through racks of stationery at bookstores and convenience stores to pick several more for my collection. Four blue-and-green-tinged sheets shaped like leaves are perfect for writing about fall. Cream stationery with classic gold-embossed angels are just right for writing to the people who have done extremely wonderful things. A card with a quotation about eloquence captures my sentiment after the Toastmasters convention, and a birthday card featuring an annoyed cat reminded me so much of Neko that I can hardly wait to send it to my mom for her birthday.

With the awesome collection of gel pens my mom gave me, I can match each card to just the right color of ink. I want to buy a colored-ink set for glass or fountain pens, having discovered the joy of glass pens through fellow enthusiast Charo Nuguid. With the right pens and cards, writing thank-you notes becomes such a pleasure.