September 20, 2005

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Changed commenting system

… and after all of two minutes I’ve decided to drop Haloscan and go for Blogkomm instead, because Blogkomm is just soooo much cooler.


Comment away!

Comments! Finally!

After receiving so many helpful and caring comments regarding my breathing post
(eat well, get plenty of rest, etc.), and seeing wonderful well-thought discussion over at Clair’s blog, I finally got motivated enough to hack dynamic comments into Planner.

Haloscan made it a piece of cake! Search for the segment on “Permalinks and comments” in ../emacs/planner-config.el to see the actual code.

So please introduce yourself in the comments to this entry, and see
who else reads this blog! =) Who are you? What are you interested in?
How did you find out about this blog? (How on earth do you put up with
my rambling? =) )


Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and a Mac Mini
shall find its way onto your desk.

My former desktop got conscripted as the new blogging server after I,
err, dropped the computer intended for that use. A replacement Dell
desktop arrived last week, and I was supposed to meet Anna to set it
up with all the stuff I need.

In the middle of telling my research supervisor about a number of fun
Mac OS X applications he could try out, I realized that the department
had perfectly usable Mac Mini just wasting away, unloved.

They were thrilled to find someone who wanted to use a Mac, and that
worked out very well for everyone involved. Now I have a pretty
computer I can use to play around with Onlife, Quicksilver,
Textpander, and other fun things.

Apparently it was a first-gen Mac Mini without built-in Bluetooth
(duh!), so the wireless keyboard we bought from the campus computer
shop didn’t work out of the box.

iCal and Microsoft Entourage were less thrilling than I thought. I
liked iCal’s color-coding and promptly set up four different
calendars. Microsoft Entourage allowed me to drag-and-drop tasks onto
my calendar, but didn’t really link them.

I guess if I really want a good calendar application, I’ll have to
write it myself. Must learn AJAX.

Essential things I installed right away: Firefox, AquaEmacs, NeoOfficeJ.