September 26, 2005

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On polls and the ‘best’

From Brain Gain Network: BGN Poll: Which is the Best Engineering School in the Philippines?

We love ranking things. The best this, the best that.

I think that our focus on ranking things misses a lot.

I don’t want to know what the best engineering school in the Philippines is.

I want to know what makes schools good and what makes schools bad.

That way, there won’t be just one “best” school; there’ll be a lot of great ones.


After having successfully managed to go to the gym two weeks in a row,
I decided to see if I could up it to two times a week. I’ve just come
back from 20 minutes of light cycling at the gym. I feel a bit fuzzy,
but I’ll get better over time.. =)

David Allen rescues kittens


I didn’t lose the stamps after all!

Yay, yay, yay. =)

Apparently left them in my cubicle.

Not a geek for nothing

One of the good things about being a geek is being able to fix someone
else’s comment script when it’s badly broken.

Case in point.

Paragraph comments should work now, although I accidentally lost a
number of comments. I still have e-mail copies of them, though! =)

Brain Gain Network

Brain Gain Network: a worldwide network of technopreneurs for the Philippine IT industry.

BGN seeks to counter the Brain Drain by fostering
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