October 16, 2005

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(This should make my mom very happy. Now all my non-blogging
godparents can just keep track of my blog through e-mail.)

Oi! Amazon.ca has the same list prices as Chapters!

That means I don’t have to wait weeks in order to save a few bucks. I
can just wander over to Chapters, pick up the book right away, _and_
enjoy an additional 10% discount because of iRewards. Chapters also ships out-of-stock books

Beyond Bullet Points
Seven Strategies of Master Presenters

Besides, I trust Chapters’ return policy. In fact, I’ll be returning a
“Cooking with Common Sense” book that turned out to be a bit too
advanced for me… ;) (Well, if I can do that. It was a sale book. If
I can’t return it, I’m just going to have to learn how to cook…)

Improv comedy

The improv comedy show at Bad Dog Theatre was totally awesome.
I was impressed by the Friday show last week. I was blown away by this one. Actors made up songs in beautifully blended harmony, playing around with lights and sound effects… Wow.

One of the actors reminded me of Jerome Punzalan because he had
similar features and facial expressions. Oh, and a talent for making
up songs. Jerome should check this improv comedy thing out; he’d do
really well in it.