November 2005

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Nov 30Layered clothes pictures !Uncategorized
Nov 30Aggregators !Uncategorized
Nov 30Microcommerce !Uncategorized
Nov 29Writing !Uncategorized
Nov 28I could’ve danced all night… !Uncategorized
Nov 27Quarter-life crisis update: Let’s do that virtually life
Nov 27Quarter-life crisis life
Nov 27Ouch. Time to reflect. !Uncategorized
Nov 27Team IITians bags the 2005 Trend Micro P1M Tech Challenge !Uncategorized
Nov 27Refined list of get-togethers !Uncategorized
Nov 27Get-togethers I would like to have !Uncategorized
Nov 26Disabling post comments !Uncategorized
Nov 26Torcamp was awesome! !Uncategorized
Nov 25Trend Micro programming contest champions – MSU IIT! !Uncategorized
Nov 24National novel-writing month? Try paper-writing week! 1 emacs
Nov 23Reflections on the lab education, teaching
Nov 23Cook or Die cookordie
Nov 22Winter !Uncategorized
Nov 22Addressing envelopes by hand… !Uncategorized
Nov 21Back at the beginning !Uncategorized
Nov 21Brain Gain Network – Philippines !Uncategorized
Nov 20A day among friends !Uncategorized
Nov 19Pride and Prejudice !Uncategorized
Nov 18You gotta love these teaching assistantship ads !Uncategorized
Nov 18Snow !Uncategorized
Nov 17“What should I do with my life?” life, passion
Nov 17Cold! !Uncategorized
Nov 17Teaching reflections !Uncategorized
Nov 17Flash fiction: “Nine Lives to One” !Uncategorized
Nov 15Flash fiction: Damsel in Distress !Uncategorized
Nov 15Speech #7: One in a Million !Uncategorized
Nov 14Pictures from tango !Uncategorized
Nov 14Tango lessons !Uncategorized
Nov 13Lost in translation !Uncategorized
Nov 13Planning the week emacs
Nov 13Taming the TODO !Uncategorized
Nov 11Flash fiction: ALLEYCAT – 196 words 1 writing
Nov 11Ethics in research !Uncategorized
Nov 9Emacs: It’s all about people 4 emacs
Nov 9Free and open source programs !Uncategorized
Nov 9Brilliant idea! emacs
Nov 9Emacs: Not bad, just misunderstood emacs
Nov 8Sometimes it’s not just about the jobs you create !Uncategorized
Nov 7Teaching needs small classes !Uncategorized
Nov 5A couple of quotes !Uncategorized
Nov 4Creativity !Uncategorized
Nov 4Crossroads !Uncategorized
Nov 4Crisis in a time of chocolate and friendship !Uncategorized
Nov 3On the up and up !Uncategorized
Nov 3Interesting visualizations: Bible exegesis geek
Nov 3Found my keys! !Uncategorized
Nov 2More about teaching 2 teaching
Nov 2ACM controversy geek
Nov 1I hate teaching teaching
Nov 1Taming the TODO emacs