November 3, 2005

Found my keys!

November 3, 2005 - Categories: -Uncategorized

And I had plenty of hot chocolate and ice cream today, too.

Life is looking up again. =)

Interesting visualizations: Bible exegesis

November 3, 2005 - Categories: geek

Ever wondered which verses were cited more often than others, and in what context? Check out this
Bible exegesis visualization. Think of it this way: it’s one of the few extensively cited texts in the world, and you could probably see those citations as primitive hypertext…

On the up and up

November 3, 2005 - Categories: -Uncategorized

My mom airmailed me a care package—around 30 packets of instant hot
chocolate mix, and a wonderful card. I feel so loved… =D

And Skype works again! Wahoo! I talked to Dominique for an hour and a
half. <contented grin>

Life is good. Challenging, but good.