April 11, 2005

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Fixed the network connection

Celine was having terrible problems with her network connection. Initially I thought it was because Quickbooks couldn't handle the cascaded switch configuration, but with packet loss of over 50% and only two hosts connected to the switch, it didn't seem to be a resource problem. The high packet loss meant that Quickbooks was practically unusable. When I took my laptop down to the lobby for diagnostics, I couldn't even ping the server. The tester lit up the lines in the right order, although one of the cables didn't have a working pin 1.

After some poking around, I threw my hands up and crimped one of the spare cables according to the standards. (Good thing we had spares!) Lo and behold! It worked! I should leave a wiring diagram in Jun's networking toolbox.

Does anyone have a 110 punch tool for terminating wall mounts? I expected the wall mounts to be self-terminating like the patch panels in the dorm, but that wasn't the case. PC Express carries wall mounts, but not the tool for terminating them—go figure!

おしゃべりの人は、いつもの秘密をばくろしってえは他人の利が愛を冒している。 A talkative person is always letting the cat out of the bag and jeopardizing the interests of others.

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