January 22, 2006

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Sorting my clothes

I organized my under-bed drawers, dividing the tops into:

  • red, somewhat dressy tops
  • casual tops
  • dressy tops
  • everything else

and the bottoms into:

  • skirts
  • casual bottoms
  • slacks
  • really-casual bottoms

With that and the combinations I’ve set out in the closet, I think
I’ve gotten my clothes under control now. We’ll see how long this

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Chinese cooking and diabolo

This weekend seems to be for Graduate House socializing. The smell of
rice wine and soy sauce still sticks to me, a souvenir from the
Chinese cooking workshop at 5:00 yesterday afternoon. In the evening,
I performed a very short demo of the diabolo as part of the talent
show. Everyone liked it. I did it to the tune of Jeux D’ Enfants from
the Alegria soundtrack. The audio cable my dad gave me proved very,
very useful. =)

Oh, and I bought myself cute tights. Very 60s. I also wore The Skirt.
Kathy knows which one that is.

ARGH! I forgot to ask someone to take my picture.

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