February 15, 2006

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I went up to IBM today. I can’t tell you the details as I’ve signed my
life away, BUT suffice to say that I felt very happy after the
conference call, as the person we were talking to listed all the stuff
I’m interested in. As a fledgling researcher, I find it totally
awesome when I have the same ideas that other people do. =) That tells
me I’m on the right track. This kind of synchronicity is just perfect
for a master’s student. I can save the ground-breaking, mind-boggling
stuff for my PhD.

Happy girl!

Scrabble game results

Name (running total) Name (running total) Name (running total) Name (running total)
Rob Steve James Calum
10 9 16 7
13 (23) 24 (33) 20 (36) 13 (20)
34 (57) 13 (46) 28 (64) 29 (15)
30 (87) 24 (70) 18 (82) 15 (44) – then Calum had to leave, so I replaced him
11 (98) 20 (90) 18 (100) 11 (55)
18 (116) 21 (111) 8 (108) 92 (147)
9 (125) 20 (131) 10 (118) 4 (151) – I finished first

By official Scrabble tournament rules, this would’ve been

-7 (118) -8 (123) -1 (117) +16 (167)

but Rob, Steve and James decided to play on (ah, well, house rules –
but that messes up end-game strategy! mrph).

David was appropriately impressed by the 92-point move. So was I.
Steve was annoyed with James for leaving me with that opportunity. I wasn’t. =)

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Darn you, SELinux!

I’m very annoyed with SELinux today. I’ve just figured out that the reason I was getting very mysterious access denied errors was that I hadn’t done the magical incantation:

chcon -R -t httpd_user_content_t the_dir_to_show_in_apache

which allows the use of those directories in the HTTP context.

Hey, it’s my first brush with SELinux… Anyway, I’m glad I got that
sorted out, although it took me slightly over half an hour to figure
that out and get Twiki up and running. Mrph.

Next step: Kerberos authentication.


Yesterday was fantastic! I woke up extra early and chatted with
Dominique, who Googled up a few wonderful poems and read me a few.
Then my mom called me up with news that some of my friends were over
there for a small party! =) Whee!

I did well in my two speeches today, despite mishaps. I survived my
metadata presentation despite having to go with Plan B (blackboard)
when the USB disk wasn’t recognized by the faculty computer, and I had
fun doing the Evaluate to Motivate talk despite leaving the prepared
overheads in the department.

In the evening, I declared a Chocolate Night. Steve, Rob, David, Mike
(Math), James, and Calum were there to play Scrabble and munch on nice

Happy. =)