March 4, 2006

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I got the robot to do what I wanted to. It was a nifty program. Didn’t
work in the real world, but well, that’s life.

I don’t feel like much of a computer scientist, though. I’m supposed
to be thrilled that I got it to work, but now that it’s done, I find
that I don’t care about the program itself. I don’t care that I got it
to work. It exercised my brain, but so many things do…

Open source has gotten me hooked on making people happy. As a CS
person, I’m probably not even supposed to care about making people
happy, but I do. Hacking on the LEGO code was fun, but it wasn’t
something I would do by myself. I did it because it was fun to hang
out. I enjoyed the stories, the banter, the demonstrations of
particularly nifty things we’d gotten to work. I’m glad I had the
opportunity to help Calum breathe life into his machine. I’m glad I
got to meet Iain, Derek, Sandy, and the others.

Those who have known me since childhood know how far I’ve come. I find
it scary sometimes. Do I need people too much, now? But I do… I’m
glad that my friends at Graduate House now feel comfortable enough to
give me a hug without anyone worrying about improper intentions. I’m
glad that I can do nice things for people and make their day better.
I’m glad that I have the warmth and love of friends and family to keep
me going.

I’ve given myself enough time for fun. Tomorrow: work on my FIS paper.
If I need an emergency shot of warm-and-fuzzies, I’ve got my
collection of letters and good karma…

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1匹の猫がカーテンの陰から現れた。 A cat appeared from behind the curtain.

Happy birthday!

I didn’t get back until after midnight, so here’s a birthday blog post for my sister, Kathy:

Happy birthday,!

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強盗は屋根からあの邸宅に入ったに違いない。 The cat burglar must have entered the mansion from the roof.

It’s alive!

Today we finished the code for Calum’s robot. The robot’s job is to
give blocks to other robots, and it scores points based on the unique
colors of blocks it collects and the number of unique robots it gives
blocks to.

I’m proud of the robot because it’s pretty smart. It’s smart enough
not to shoot multiple blocks at the same robot unless desperation mode
kicks in. Quite slick, as Calum said.

Calum will no doubt post wonderful pictures on his blog sometime. I’ll
ask him for a copy of the source code and I’ll post it here. Whee!

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ほら!台所に猫がいる。 Look! There’s a cat in the kitchen.

Congratulations to Alvin Chin!

Congratulations to Alvin Chin on his successful proposal – and I don’t
mean the scientific kind! Eiffel Tower, eh?

We’re still waiting for the podcast… ;)

E-Mail from Alvin Chin

Random Japanese sentence:

すると、少し先に、またもう一匹、ふわふわした灰色のねこがめにつきました。そしてこれも前の二匹と全く同じくらいかわいいのです。 But then he saw a fuzzy gray cat over here which was every bit as pretty as the others, so he took it too.

(Psst! Clair! Fuwafuwashita neko… ;) )