March 22, 2006

Sysad stuff: bah, humbug

March 22, 2006 - Categories: -Uncategorized

Hacked around a bit on the engsci system. Very frustrated with ejabberd, connotea, and other servers I've been trying to set up. Firmly convinced this isn't one of my alternative careers. Will do it anyway because I've promised to do it this term. Pff.

Random Japanese sentence: 「おや、おまえさん!」おばあさんは言いました。「これはいったいどうしたのです?」「わたしはねこが一匹ほしいと言ったのに、これはなんですか」 "My dear!" she cried, "What are you doing? I asked for one little cat. And what do I see? -. [Oya, omaesan!] obaasan wa iimashita. [kore wa ittai doushita no desu?] [watashi wa neko ga ippiki hoshii to itta no ni, kore wa nan desu ka]

Good karma: Emacs

March 22, 2006 - Categories: emacs, goodkarma

From Paul Lussier:

One day, about 2 years ago now (Holy Cow! Sacha, has it been *that* long? :) I stumbled upon this thing called emacs-wiki and planner-mode. I fired off an e-mail to the maintainer asking a couple of questions. Someone named Sacha answered back and had such enthusiasm for my e-mail and my questions that i immediately joined the list and started playing with planner and emacs-wiki.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! =) Melt, melt, melt.

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E-Mail from Paul Lussier

Random Japanese sentence: いすの上にねこがいます。 There is a cat on the chair. Isu no ue ni neko ga imasu.

Good Food Box: Avocado antics

March 22, 2006 - Categories: cooking

This fortnight's Good Food Box contains one avocado plus all the usual staples (potatoes, onions, carrots, lettuce, broccoli). I also got two tomatoes and one green pepper.

I have decided not to eat out unless absolutely necessary, if only because I hate throwing food away. The Good Food Box is evilly designed to require me to either throw parties or eat lots of veggie-based dishes if I'm to avoid wasting too much food. I would love to get together with someone who'll take care of the meat dishes. =)

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Random Japanese sentence: 猫はぬれるのを嫌がる。 Cats dislike being wet.


March 22, 2006 - Categories: emacs

There's something a bit off about the Emacs learning curve graph - it's bounded, for one - but yeah, Emacs really is a very different experience.

Evan Monroig said on the emacs-wiki-discuss mailing list:

So after all my wishlist was already there and I didn't know it.... hehe

and Wei-Hao Lin replied:

This is Emacs. There's no wish. Only how.

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Random Japanese sentence: この猫はネズミを追いかけない。 This cat doesn't chase rats.