March 27, 2006

Yesterday: Cooking workshop, nice walk

March 27, 2006 - Categories: cooking, friends

Geoff hosted a British food cooking workshop at Graduate House. That
was tons of fun, and I really enjoyed getting to know people. Calum
roasted the red peppers for the soup. I helped prepare soup and
dessert, meeting another Filipina – Cel(sp?) – in the process. I
promised to meet her next weekend so that we can explore Toronto, as
she’s never been to Chinatown. She had fun making the chocolate sauce
for dessert.

The dinner was excellent, and props go to all the people in the
workshop. =) I’m really, really glad I’m in Graduate House.

After coffee time, Lusine, Stefan, James and I enjoyed a brisk evening
walk. The only odd part was being accosted by an unnaturally friendly
person near Queen’s Park. The man insisted on getting James to repeat
his story about the Royal Ontario Museum’s pair of guardian lions
(dogs, James said), and kept walking with us until we reached the
park. I’m embarrassed to confess that I was afraid instead of more
tolerant, practically hiding in James’ shadow while the guy was
walking with us.

Still, this day was a day for much laughter, conversation, and good
friendship. It was just what I needed to get my mind off things and to
get a better perspective on some difficult issues.

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I love my life!

March 27, 2006 - Categories: barkada, family, friends, happy

Life takes _very_ good care of me. Also, my mom is psychic. =) This
weekend has been a bit mixed, but the weird thing about it is that
instead of feeling terrible, I feel so _loved._

I checked my mailbox last Friday and saw a note telling me to pick up
a package during office hours. It was past 5 already, so I didn’t get
to pick it up until today. Perfect, perfect timing. =) My mom sent me
a wonderful little heart pillow signed by my friends at the Skype
party they held a few weeks ago. She also included a smiley sign,
similarly dedicated. And just because my mom’s the kind of
ultrathoughtful mom who anticipates everything, she also sent me a set
of contacts. =)

It was the perfect pick-me-up, and I feel very, very, very much loved.

On one side of the heart:

11 Mar 06: Hey! I’m first to sign here! Best of luck and ganbatte kudasai! =) Carl
Homesick? We’re here! => Marcelle
Hi Sacha, hope you’re enjoying your stay there. Wish you were here. =) Ranulf
Big heart for a good friend =) Roy
2006.03.11 Heya! We miss you! Enjoy below zero! zakame =)
11 March 206 Sacha dear, WE MISS YOU! Glad that you’re a happy domestic goddess… M-x chef-mode! (heart) Clair
Can’t really think of anything so… Peppy

And on the other side of the heart:

Dear Sacha! I will also be on the other side to make you happy. Papa
Dearest Sacha, we love you and we are very proud of you. You have a good heart. Keep up the good work. Love you lots, (heart) Mom

I hung the smiley sign on the tackboard in my cubicle. It reads:

\(^^)/ Carl
Enjoy your stay =) Ranulf
Dropped in to say Hi!!! Roy
Hiya! Ki o tsukete! =) Clair
Chocolate and ice cream =) Peppy
Don’t segfault! Zak
We love you lots and lots from Mom and Papa

Life will work out. It always does. =)

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Random Japanese sentence: 私は何匹かのかわいそうな猫が追い出されるのを見た。 I saw some poor cats kicked out. Watashi wa nanbiki ka no kawaiisou na neko ga oidasareru no o mita.