April 22, 2006


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I’ve mindmapped my sharing paper and gathered the quotes, but it’s
probably not a good idea for me to spend the next few hours typing it
in and pulling the quotes in from my file. I’m awake and alert, but I
can feel myself getting slightly stressed about the trip, which is
currently higher-priority. I won’t count on getting any work done
during the trip, because I really should be soaking up the CHI
experience. If I finish my errands early tomorrow, I’ll start on that
paper. Here’s hoping all the pieces fall together neatly…

Anyone else going to CHI2006?

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If you’re going to CHI2006, write me e-mail by tonight (Saturday) and
we might be able to have breakfast, lunch or dinner next week. =)

Random Japanese sentence: ウサギの耳は猫の耳よりも長い。 The ears of a rabbit are longer than those of a cat.

CHI2006 schedule

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Mon |1030 1100 Newcomers’ orientation – room 511ABCD
Mon 1130 1600 Faceted metadata for information architecture and search – 513AB
Mon 1430 1600 Social computing 1 510ABCD
Mon 1630 1800 Personal information management – 516C
Mon 1830 2000 Grand opening! Don’t miss.
Tue 1130 1300 Understanding programs and interfaces, 516C
Tue 1430 1600 SIG: Assessing and improving information usability 515C
Wed 0900 1030 Add a dash of interface: Taking mash-ups to the next level – room 517AB
Wed 1120 1300 Panel: Why do tagging systems work? – room 517AB
Wed 1430 1600 Privacy 2 Room 511ABDE
Wed 1630 1800 Visualization 2 510ABCD
Thu 0900 1030 Tips and tricks for better usability test recommendations 515C
Thu 1430 1600 Designing responsive software despite performance limitations 513D

Argh. What happened? I thought I’d arranged a conflict-free
schedule… Aiyah. Well, if I have to, I’ll pick up the materials and
attend the first part of the faceted metadata talk, then sneak out
during the middle to attend the social computing talk. Yup, that would

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Random Japanese sentence: 彼は一日じゅう行方不明の猫を探した。 He hunted for his missing cat all day.


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This is what I get for not checking my snail mail for so long!


Delta Kappa Gamma society!!
World fellowship! One of 28!

“The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International promotes professional and
personal growth of women educators and excellence in education.”



Random Japanese sentence: 猫が気持ちを伝える主要なやり方は身震いである。 The prime means of communication for cats is body language.