May 22, 2006

Up early

May 22, 2006 - Categories: research

I’m up at 6 on the last day of a long weekend, _and_ I’m reading
research papers. =) I hope Mark’s happy. You know, this waking up
early thing is actually kinda fun…

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Stranger of the Day: Greg

May 22, 2006 - Categories: life

On my way out of the common room to grab some lunch, I saw a very
interesting collection of postcards on the table near the door. I
didn’t recognize the man who owned the cards, but I complimented him
on his postcards and pointed out the Moleskine notebooks we had in
common. (That’s probably the secret handshake of people addicted to
nice writing stuff.)

When I returned to the common room to study, I couldn’t resist asking
for permission to flip through the cards. I introduced myself as well,
of course. So here’s our stranger of the day: Greg.

Greg’s been in Graduate House for a month. He’s not actually from U of
T, but he teaches New Media at Humber. He has this awesome little
scrapbook of his stuff. He’s cool. He came to coffee night two weeks
ago, so I’m just going to have to look for him at the next one. Seems
like a good person to mix into parties… =)

The cards were awesome. I laughed at so many of them. They’re clever!
I’m definitely picking up a set. I normally stay away from cards with
messages on them, preferring monogrammed gold-trimmed Crane cards for
special occasions, paper from the Japanese Paper Place for casual
cards, and cute Korean stationery for letters. But a hundred postcards
with clever illustrations! Nifty.

I am _so_ buying a set on Wednesday, along with a nice fountain pen with a broad nib…

(And yes, I was _quite_ impressed to find a guy who understands the
importance of having a proper stationery collection. Or of snail-mail
writing, even.)

Argh. Now I wonder if he’s the Greg who went to Mesh and has mentioned
a course at Humber… If so, I want to talk to him about Web 2.0 and
social computing!

Random Japanese sentence: 私はこの猫の世話をしなければならない。 I have to look after this cat.


May 22, 2006 - Categories: toronto, web2.0

It’s a good thing that I’ve been cramming my paper all day, or I would’ve felt seriously upset about missing web 2.0 for good, an unconference on social software for social change. Mumble! Actually, no, I still feel annoyed because it hadn’t been on my radar at all. That’s what I get for not watching as often as I should. Blast blast blast blast blast. Next time…

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Random Japanese sentence: 猫は生きたネズミをもて遊んでいた。 The cat was playing with a live mouse.