June 16, 2006

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Rube Goldberg

For all you Rube Goldberg fans and other people who like incredible
machines: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5nmspVOz_Y .

Link from Marcelle Fabie, who’s more of a geek than he likes to admit. ;)

Random Japanese sentence: かわいそうにその猫は餓死寸前だった。 The poor cat was on the verge of starvation.

Wireless presentation remote

In response to my wishful thinking about a presenter’s mouse, Chris League wrote:

If I may be so bold, THIS is what you want: http://tinyurl.com/qg7e2

A wireless presentation remote and laser pointer in a very conveniently-sized gadget. I don’t go anywhere without it, just in case I have to give an impromptu presentation. :)

I’ve seen people use wireless mouse instead, and it always looks awkward, balancing it in your palm, or on a table top where you have to come back to it if you’re on the other side of the room.

That is _exactly_ what I need! =D I’m going to look for it locally and buy one!

Check out Chris’ blog, too. Totally awesome!

Today (Monday, actually) was the start of the 2006 LIU Teaching with
Technology Institute. Unlike many professors, I of course have no
problem adapting to new technologies, since I basically invent new
technologies for a living. But the reason I like participating in this
— and other workshops sponsored by our Teaching and Learning
Initiative — is that it’s great to get together with other passionate
profs to talk about teaching. Or, more accurately, about “creating
effective learning environments.” Or, more pretentiously, about

Way cool!

E-Mail from Richi’s server

Random Japanese sentence: 小雨のときは、傘は役に立つが、土砂降りのときは、ほとんど役に立たない。 An umbrella is useful in a mild rain, but when it rains cats and dogs an umbrella is of little help.

Welcome to the world, Daniel Karl Johnston!

Best wishes to Daniel Karl Johnston, the newborn son of Douglas
Johnston, totally awesome guy in charge of
D*I*Y Planner. I’m sure Daniel Karl will be making ultracool organizer templates in no time! ;)

(If you want cool stuff for paper-based productivity, you _must_ check out D*I*Y Planner. The ads are sometimes useful, too…)

Random Japanese sentence: 台所からその猫を追い出してくれ。 Chase the cat from the kitchen.

Summit was absolutely fantastic!

The panel was _really_ fun. Well, it wasn’t really run as a panel, but
more as a set of quick presentations. I think I amused everyone with
my eagerness to speak. <laugh> My voice was hoarse from
nervousness – so much for Toastmasters! – but I survived my
presentation. I was thrilled to hear my key thought (usability isn’t
just about the interface – we also have to tell stories!) reiterated
during the breakout session and other stuff.

And of course the entire summit was _tons_ and tons of fun! The
researcher in charge of the project I’m working on very, very
helpfully gave me tons of ideas for my thesis. The organizers hugged
me and thanked me for being there. People are looking out for me and
helping me… Wow!

Happy, happy girl.

Random Japanese sentence: ネコが車の下から出てきた。 A cat got out from under the car.