June 28, 2006

Tiny laptop = conversation starter

June 28, 2006 - Categories: geek

I can’t count the conversations that have started because my laptop’s
smaller than usual, but I’ve enjoyed each of them. Today was no

I passed by Tucows too early for my podcasting appointment with Joey
de Villa and Gabriel Mansour, having for some reason thought it would
be 4:00 instead of 5:30. I read a few articles in the lobby before
deciding to head back to Graduate House in order to drop off my
confirmation deposit. While waiting for the Dufferin bus back to the
subway station, I worked on my laptop. (You _gotta_ love a city where
I can do that and not be too worried about getting mugged!)

Someone remarked on the size of my laptop. He introduced himself as
Doug and said that he’d seen me in the Tucows office. We chatted about
Linux and BSD, DNS, his previous work, the book he was reading, and
other fun stuff.

With Spadina drawing near, he suggested coffee. He was quick to
explain that it wouldn’t be a date thing and that he has a girlfriend
– thoughtful of him to set me at ease! =) – but that he wanted to
continue the conversation at some time because he thought that I was
interesting. So yeah, it would be fun to introduce him to other geek

Random Japanese sentence: 猫は生け垣を通り抜けた。 The cat got through the hedge.

What’s your story?

June 28, 2006 - Categories: story

Thanks to Gabriel Mansour, I was part of a fun podcast with Joey de Villa (Accordion Guy, Tucows). Joey and I chatted about the Philippines, tech, moving to a new country, Emacs (“For those of you listeners who haven’t heard of Emacs, it’s a text editor—” “It’s a way of life!”), and other things. =) That was fun, particularly with Joey’s totally cool audio setup complete with nifty microphones and a sound mixer.

It inspires me to do my own podcast, particularly as I’m interested in
storytelling. I want to hear people’s stories. Here’s what I’m
thinking of: three minutes to tell a story that illustrates something
fundamental about you. Maybe it’s about your purpose in life. Maybe
it’s about what you want to do. Maybe it’s about one of your core
values. What’s your story?

What do I need in order to make this happen?

In terms of tools: I have a digital voice recorder that I just need to
remember to keep well-stocked with charged AAA batteries. That can
take care of real-life conversations for now, which is good because I
can attach bios and pictures.

I’d like to be able to interview people over the Net and over phone,
too. I should figure out how to record Skype conversations in order to
take advantage of free US/Canada long distance (to phone) and free
PC-to-PC calls. If I can’t get that to work, I can use Gizmo or
something like that instead, I guess. More of a hassle, though. As for
phone… I don’t know, maybe I’ll get some kind of gadget later on.

In terms of stories: I need to start off with an introductory podcast,
then I need to line people up for it. Maybe I can set once every two
weeks as a nice goal? Podcasts don’t have to be totally regular
(that’s what RSS is for!), but it might help. If I like the pace of
two weeks, I might even be able to step it up to once a week.

I want to hear your story. Interested in being part of something like this?

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Random Japanese sentence: テーブルに猫の足跡が付いている。 There are footprints of a cat on the table.

Hey! Toastmasters! =D

June 28, 2006 - Categories: toastmasters
Keynote Speakers Advanced Club - Club #: 8600, Dist #: 60, Est: 04/29/2003
Meeting Time: 10:00 am, 2nd & 4th Saturday
OPG / Mezzanine Level
700 University Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada
Club Status: Membership eligibility criteria required - Contact club

Experienced professionals and beginning speakers alike can benefit
from Toastmasters’ practical, face-to-face learning program. However,
Keynote Speakers is designed for advanced speakers who have already
given at least 10 Toastmasters speeches and received their CTM. You’ll
learn and practice in a friendly, comfortable environment with people
who are on the same advanced level as you, and are there for the same
reason you are — to become better communicators.

Hey! I can join this now! Might be awesome to be part of two clubs…

Random Japanese sentence: 赤ん坊は猫の尾でおもしろく遊んでいた。 The baby was amusing itself with the cat’s tail.