July 4, 2006

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Damian Conway is t3h c00l, _totally._ What an awesome speaker!

I was going to videoblog showing my latest hacked T-shirt (FITC2006:
Technology and Design Festival, turned into a beaded halter/tube top
with a bolero-style thing), but I seem to have left my camera at No
Regrets. Oops. Well. Hope the restaurant lives up to its name! =)

I didn’t leave my Moleskine notebook (whew!), which would’ve been far
worse considering all the fun conversations. Here’s a brief list:

  • Floyd of InfoQ, faceted search and browsing
  • Cameron, technology design, NY
  • Joey, Wendy
  • Paul Baranowski: encouraging independent media in developing democracies. He wrote that tagline in my notebook himself! Way cool. Always good to meet people who can express their purpose.
  • Ian Irving, false positives. Err, not much detail otherwise. I don’t read
    his blog yet, so that introduction didn’t leave me with much to go
    on, and I saw someone I wanted to talk to.
  • Chris, intentional programming.
  • Olivier Yip Tong, Toastmasters: must tell about Toast I.T.
  • Michael Bodalski, Toastmasters: must tell about Toast I.T., also GTD inboxy things
  • Lionel Fogler, knowledge management (remember sewer technician story)
  • Quinn, data
  • Brent Ashley, Emacs
  • Malgosia Green, totally funky pair of glasses
  • and other conversations not written down for some reason or another

Did totally smalltime Emacs demo, too. =) Should do a proper Demo soon.

Random Japanese sentence: 振り袖で仕事はできぬ。 The cat in gloves catches no mice.

Browser’s Den of Magic

One of the juggling shops in Toronto:

Browser’s Den of Magic

Magic tricks for professionals and hobbyists.
Books, videos, DVDs, juggling equipment, ventriloquist dolls, jokes
Since 1975 – Mail order and retail shop

John Cardella

875 Eglinton Ave. West, #10, Toronto, Ontario, M6C 3Z9

Tel (416) 783 7022 Fax (416) 783-3560 Toll-free 1-888-469-3616 browsersden AT sympatico.ca

On Technorati:

They stock diabolo, too.

Random Japanese sentence: この猫は、いわば、我が家の一員なのです。 This cat is, so to speak, a member of our family.

Book rearrangements

I need to buy more bookends. That will temporarily fix my shelving
problem. In the meantime, I can… hmm… move the rice cooker onto
the TV stand and move some of my books from my personal bookshelf to
the living room shelves.

Random Japanese sentence: 猫は暗いところでも目が見える。 Cats can see
in the dark.

Three things

With the long Canada Day weekend drawing to a close, the three things
I can do today that will have the best influence on my life are:

  • Sort out the Toastmasters records so that the new Secretary/Treasurer can step right into my position
  • Draft my research proposal and find a few related papers
  • Go to the Democamp afterparty and meet lots of interesting people

Random Japanese sentence: この鼠は私の猫に殺されました。 This mouse was killed by my cat.

Being my age

When Dave Brown was in Toronto last weekend, he insisted on taking me
shopping for clothes. He picked out things I would never have tried
myself: a cropped top, a black asymmetric tube, shorts around the same
length as the miniskirt my sister gave me… <laugh> Although I
was initially quite hesitant about wearing things like that, they
turned out to be quite fun. (I still prefer skirts to pants
or shorts.) “Now you look more like your age,” Dave said.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that I’m just turning 23 this August.
I don’t need to have my career figured out yet. I don’t even need to
have people figured out yet, either. Such a liberating thought!
<laugh> I can take risks. I can explore. I can screw up and
recover (for the most part).

I really appreciate how many people around me are either going through
similar issues or can remember and empathize. Wisdom can’t be taught,
after all. Wisdom can only be learned, and I’m glad I have all these
opportunities to experience so many aspects of life _and_ people with
whom I can share those experiences.

I’m really glad things worked out the way they did, and I’m looking
forward to the future. =)

Random Japanese sentence: テーブルの上には猫がいた。 On the table there was a cat.