July 26, 2006

Moved to Vaio!

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The power adapter on my Fujitsu Lifebook P1110 has just completely given up. Fortunately, my parents had given me the Sony Vaio U1 to use as a backup computer. After a day of upgrading it from Ubuntu Breezy Badger to Ubuntu Dapper Drake (that should teach me to deselect all of the GNOME packages before I dist-upgrade!) and another afternoon for getting my various CVS Emacs stuff compiled and put together, I’m now back on an approximately working system. I still need to get software suspend working, but everything else works beautifully.

The Sony Vaio U1 is actually a pretty sweet machine. It’s *tiny* – 8.9″ screen and a keyboard that even I find just a bit small. No Dvorak on this one; the combination of a Japanese keyboard and chiclet keys makes it too difficult for me to remember the proper keyboard mappings through muscle memory. I type with four fingers: the middle finger and index finger of my left hand and the thumb and index finger of my right.

When Simon saw me setting up the Vaio, he insisted that I borrow a proper-sized keyboard. Heh. ;)

So I’m on Ubuntu now. It’s certainly slicker than the Debian system I’ve just moved from, with a pretty bootup sequence and a lot of other things that Just Work. I’m no longer a poseur. The Ubuntu stickers on my skateboard actually mean something. ;) Sweet.

Now that that’s sorted out, maybe I can work on my writing backlog. I owe so many people e-mail and I owe Don Marti an article…

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Argh, need facial

July 26, 2006 - Categories: life

Also, I’m breaking out into pimples again. Not that you need to hear about that, but it annoys me, particularly as my bad case of zits is now immortalized in pictures of DemoCamp. Boo, hiss.

I’m going to do something about that, too. Medication’s supposed to help. Sleep, too.


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I love going to conferences and geek get-togethers because I always end up having the most interesting conversations. Even though my responsibilities at Toast I.T. Toastmasters meant that all I caught of DemoCampToronto8 was just David Crow ending it with, “That wraps up DemoCamp for the night,” it was so worth the mad scramble across town.

Here’s an incomplete list of highlights from DemoCamp:

A very good evening indeed.

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In print!

July 26, 2006 - Categories: life

Yup, the July 1 issue of the Guardian has my name in print! Whee! Page
3 of the section titled Rise…

Time to send a letter to my mom. =)

Thanks, Carsten!

E-Mail from Carsten Knoch

Batik and ethnic clothes

July 26, 2006 - Categories: clothing, filipino, philippines

Wearing a batik malong

I love wearing ethnic clothes. Traditional outfits are hip enough to
pass off as casual but dignified enough to go formal, possible with a
little creative re-pinning. I love wearing batik-dyed or embroidered
malongs, the simple tubular skirts that can be turned into dresses and
sashes and sleeping bags depending on need. I love wearing my
butterfly-sleeved terno and wish I had one that looked less formal.
The gold-threaded cream blouse makes it too dressy, but I wear it

Of all the costumes I wear—from hacked computer T-shirts to flowing
skirts to jeans and a tee—I like the traditional ones the most.

Thanks, Mom, for sending me two more malongs and a few black tops!
Thanks to Pavel and Emily for bringing them from the Philippines!
I want more outfits…

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Signed up for a DemoCamp demo

July 26, 2006 - Categories: democamp

David Crow made me promise to give a DemoCamp session, so I’m going to do one on Emacs as a way of life. ;) Watch out for DemoCampToronto10 sometime in September!