July 30, 2006

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A weekend with a friend

My good deed for the weekend was spending time with Alice. Saturday, I attended the birthday party for her 2-year-old daughter and managed to blend in despite being nowhere near stressed enough to fit among the parents there and nowhere near short enough to fit under the table with the kids. Yes, I _can_ actually be taller than someone. It may come as a surprise to some, but there are actually people (okay, kids) who look up to me—physically, if nothing else. I think I will enjoy the few years I have before they outstrip me.

I had an animated conversation with Ken, my research supervisor's 6-month old son. This conversation mainly consisted of Ken going "Baaaa... Baaaa" at me, and my exercising my superior listening skills and going "Mmm hmmm" at the right moments. I tried getting him to say "Blog", but I don't think he's quite ready for it yet.

It was certainly an unusual experience for me. For the most part I felt very much like my 22 years of age, although I'm somewhat proud of the way I managed to quell the urge to run to the nearest library. ;) Kidding. It wasn't bad. It was just unusual.

I stayed afterwards to help clean up. I was glad to have the opportunity to chat with Alice over the dishes.

I took her out for a much-needed girl day on Sunday. We wandered along Yonge looking for a place to get an inexpensive massage, and spotted this tiny one called New Moon Spa at 678 Yonge Street. It's open from 11 AM to 9 PM, and you can get a basic shiatsu massage for CAD 10. There was only one table and one masseuse, and Alice insisted I go first. Totally small-time operation that's only been there for two months. I tipped the masseuse almost 100% for good service and for encouragement, and I probably made her day too. =)

I remember massages as a simple luxury my mom also enjoyed. I'd like to learn how to help people relax, and one way to do that is to experience it myself. <laugh> It was nice spoiling a friend. I'll take her out next month, or maybe even sooner.

Then we went to Second Cup and had large cups of hot chocolate. It was very much a hot chocolate day for Alice, and I'm glad to have shared it with her. I wish I had answers, but I don't. I'm just here to listen and maybe help people gain a little bit more clarity.

Ayayayayay... If only a hug could make the world all right!

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