August 19, 2006

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Mike Fletcher wrote an inspirational poem for my birthday. I spent some time composing a reply that scanned properly in terms of rhythm. ;) With minor modifications, here it is:

My bar is high: set not for me, but you who trained for many years to leap such heights with practiced ease and aim for stars beyond my reach. I hear your tales of weary bones, of long hours spent and much pain born, but also: flying through the air! And so I dare, and so I dare. And still you urge me onward to heights far above the lowest bar. With ease can I achieve acclaim, but I can reach things greater far. You, my friend, will keep me true to gaps that only I can leap, to things that only I can do, to stars that only I can reach.

I paragraph-wrapped it just for kicks. The rhythm should still be there, though. =)

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