September 20, 2006

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Splurging on a cab

The bus stop is just 1.5 km away from my residence. I’m splurging on a
cab ride anyway as I want to minimize the number of things that could
go wrong (and besides, the fall chill is starting to get to me).


I love how life works

I’ve forgotten my laptop power cord at IBM (meep!), so life will be
*very* interesting for the next few days. This just means that I’ll be
forced to keep a paper journal of my time then, which is not a bad

Fortunately I have four hours of battery life if I’m fairly
conservative about them, which should be enough time to grab all the
important information and even last me through mail-check on Monday
afternoon. I won’t take my laptop on the trip, though, so I just have
to plan everything carefully.

Here’s the plan:

Thu morning Ride bus to NY
Thu afternoon Settle in, prep for party
Thu evening Greater IBM Connection, NYC IBM happy hour (also, NYC IBM bloggers meetup?)
Fri morning IBM 39 Broadway
Fri afternoon IBM 11 Madison Ave
Fri evening Hang out with Ernest
Sat Hang out with host, friends and other people who pass by
Sun Hang out with host, friends and other people who pass by
Mon morning Ride bus to Toronto.
Mon afternoon Class
Mon evening REST!

You can reach me at +1 416 823 2669. Whee!

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